5 Shifts to Attracting More Money & Becoming a Manifesting and Money Magnet

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5 Shifts to Attracting More Money & Becoming a Manifesting and Money Magnet


Within this 1 hour Masterclass, I want to share with you exactly how my clients have been able to experience amazing money breakthroughs... & how you can too!


  • How to breakthrough some of the biggest money myths and what you can do to instantly attract money in your life right now! 
  • The biggest money myths that I see holding women back, and how these invisible beliefs are likely keeping you stuck also. Hint: you are likely not even aware of these but they are costing you tens of thousands of dollars
  • I am going to show you how you can pinpoint these, release them and rewrite the rules to support you in creating powerful wealth on your terms
  • You will see how this is available to you, yes you, and that you don’t have to work super hard, step on other people or lose your family and friends along the way.
  • You will uncover how it is possible to fall in love with money, to drop the stress, struggle and fear once and for all, 

About Your Host

As an Accountant and Money Mastery Coach you can rest assured that your money mastery journey is in safe and secure hands, from every angle!  

Money Mastery is a beautiful blend and fusion of the spiritual and practical, I have your back across all areas!  

I have had clients share with me benefits (besides manifesting and managing incredible wealth and abundance) of improved posture, enhanced intimate relationships, healed relationships with parents and friends, weight loss and enhanced body love!  

And now, it's your turn! x